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Rover Way (2019)

This body of work aims at visually unpacking the layers of the day to day existence of the Probert family, where an intergenerational space is commonly shared and affectionate moments of the quotidian experience are revealed. Ginge and Boo Boo live in Rover Way, a closed-off site designated by the city where Travellers reside mostly permanently today, as opposed to popular belief of their perpetual movement. A small home that’s shared by three interweaving generations via fleeting interactions, play, humour and banter; it serves as a platform where relationships can form, fluctuate and endure collectively. The series works as a testament to the overlooked significance of communal experience that many of us have gone through at an earlier time in our lives, in relation to a reminiscing need to relive and witness scenarios outside the confinements of memory. Ginge and Boo Boo’s walls are filled with photos of family members, alluding to loved ones in framed encapsulations of dear memories and milestones. In a culture where movement was historically prevalent, the illusory permanence of experience pioneered by photography, once transformed into long-lasting physical object, forges a sense of cherishment not only for the Proberts, but for us all who understand the value of emotional instances and solidifying the worthy junctures. Ultimately, this project is dedicated to the whole Probert family, their warmth, Ginge and Boo Boo’s humour, generosity and openness, to exemplify their honourable traits and transforming a reciprocal feeling into a nuanced family album layered with dignity, tenderness, humility and respect. 

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