Alexander Komenda’s (b. 1992) work aims to reveal the multi-faceted nature of everyday life: to form a dialogue in a given community with care, tenderness and humility. The complex interweaving relationship between community and environment is a recurring motif in his works. Contemporary documentary photography strategies involve placing oneself’s practice somewhere between fact and fiction, whilst retaining classic candid and observational approaches. Exploring themes such as psychology, marginalisation, externality, colonisation and youth; all culminating in observational and performative documentary narratives. The key is engaging dialectically with subjects - dignifying their presence and incorporating their input to shape their stories; maximizing their participation in the work. This approach is equally if not more important off camera, to engage whole-heartedly and help establish a dignified sense of rapport. Much of his interest lies in topical issues, largely geopolitically rooted, intersecting with historical, mythological and philosophical themes; and how they are manifested in the quotidian.


MA Photography Aalto University


BA Documentary Photography University of South Wales (First Class Honours)


Blurring the Lines Finalist


Bartur Photo Award Shortlist



Film Photo Award

Reginald Salisbury Award


Nida Symposium

New Borders Projection

September 17th 2021

Guernsey Photo Festival
University of South Wales Group Exhibition
September 23 - October 23 2018

Riverside Community Center

University of South Wales Group Exhibition
December 14 - December 21 2018

Copenhagen Photo Festival
Magnum Workshop Group Exhibition
June 14 2014 - June 21 2014

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